Art Senger

Art Senger: I have always been fascinated with painting, mostly abstract painting. Searching for new forms of expression. Admit that intuition and emotions strongly influence the artistic process. It is the spontaneous that ultimately affect the color as well as the structure of the image. It is in the moment of decision that we all create our own reality.

To inspire people with art fills me with great gratitude.

Christine Senger

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Silver - Color of Purity

Silver – Color of Purity

The Moon and the Speech are Silver Silver is an adaptable color and can be combined with many other colors. Silver is bright and shining. The color is associated with a pearl, the moon, and femininity. Popularly known the speech is silver. The psychological effect of silver is derived from the mild, almost hypnotic glow … Continue reading “Silver – Color of Purity”

Yellow like the sun

Yellow like the sun

Colors can evoke a variety of moods in the viewer. Warm colors such as red, orange or yellow make associations with sunshine or fire and give a sense of inner warmth and the feeling of security.