Silver – Color of Purity

Silver - Color of Purity

The Moon and the Speech are Silver

Silver is an adaptable color and can be combined with many other colors. Silver is bright and shining. The color is associated with a pearl, the moon, and femininity. Popularly known the speech is silver.

The psychological effect of silver is derived from the mild, almost hypnotic glow of this precious metal that reminds of the glory of the stars and the moon. Silver is the gloss of the white color that often shines silver. You can also see light silver sparkles on moving water. Silver is also the gloss of black and you can recognize that graphite writes with a beautiful silvery shimmer.

Silver is the Color of Purity

Silver is a shining metal and a symbol of purity. In Christian symbolism purified silver in the fire stands for the purification of the soul. Also, the hair of old and pure people has a silver color. Have you ever noticed that the higher the percentage of silver in wind instruments and bells, the purer the tone of these instruments sounds? It is amazing and shows that almost today silver represents purity. 

Silver like the Moon

In Greco-Roman antiquity silver was connected to the moon and the feminine principle. The moon is considered superior to the sun because it arranges the time with its waxing and waning. The silver Selene, the lady moon was called in antiquity, was the Mistress of all living things. She also leaves the minerals and precious stones formed and the pearls in the shell grown. Because of this historical meaning, lucky children are called children of the moon today. 

Silver is purifying and harmonizing. The color silver stands for all living things, communication, and happiness. The gloss of silver does not displace other colors, it reflects their beauty. Silver just remains in the backseat and supports them. Look at silver paintings and experience this modern and unconventional color like the shine of the moon.

Silver – Color of Purity