Yellow like the sun

Colors can evoke a variety of moods in the viewer. Warm colors such as red, orange or yellow make associations with sunshine or fire and give a sense of inner warmth and the feeling of security.

Yellow like the sun

The color of a picture affects the overall well-being and can cause a healing effect. The different wavelengths of the light and the color are captured by your body. They can affect our nervous system, respiration, blood pressure, pulse and our hormones.

Yellow is a sign of sociability

Yellow combines all the grandest symbol references. Yellow stands for the daylight, the sun and for gold. When we think about yellow we imagine the smell of yellow sunflowers or the beauty of a dandelion meadow in May. These cheerful associations are impressive and the reason why yellow seems so pleasant.

When we hear the word yellow we automatically think of the bride shining sun in spring when all the plants and animals awake from their winter sleep. The color yellow symbolizes a new beginning full of joy and happiness. Yellow is bright and looks lively, gentle and lovely. Yellow is a real eye-catcher and a sign of sociability. Therefore it fits perfect to the entrance area of your home or office. You will see how communicative and happy all your visitors will be when they enter your yellow entrance or see your yellow painting there.

Yellow is precious like gold

The brightness of yellow seems a small room more wide and generous. The perceived temperature of a room is appreciably lifted by yellow colors on the wall or a great yellow picture. With yellow you feel warmed by the sun and from the light. You can find yellow colors in all kind of rooms like the living rooms, the dining room, the kitchen and especially in the kids room. But it is not easy to find the perfect shade of yellow. But if you find it, it will bring you joy and happiness and it will be precious like gold.

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