Orange – The Color of Freedom and Happiness

Did you know that in the Netherlands orange applies as the color of freedom? Also the famous Dalai Lama and other Buddhists show up in orange because in Buddhism Orange is the color of the highest stage of human enlightenment.

Orange – The Color of Freedom and Happiness

Orange is one of the warm colors like red and yellow. It symbolizes optimism and the joy of life. The color orange is very positive and has a constructive and strengthening effect. Orange calls us to live for the moment and symbolizes openness and togetherness. Orange pictures on the wall can make you feel happier and they also can put you in a creative mood.

The Color of Human Enlightenment

Orange is a color you can not find in European paintings of the Middle Ages, either as a symbol or as a dress color. Unlike in Asia, where you can discover the color orange very often. The reason is that in Buddhism orange is the color of the highest stage of human enlightenment. Accordingly, the robes of the Buddhist monks are orange. Especially in India, the color orange has an exceptionally high value.

Orange as a Power Dispenser

Orange represents vital strength and activity. The warmth of this color raises your mood. Orange is the color of happiness, joy, and conviviality. It emphasizes comfort and emotional warmth. Pessimism, depression, and apathy are amazingly positive influences by this color. Orange relaxes and activates everyone who is frozen in the gray habit every day. Because of its comprehensive stimulating effect, orange is used in color therapy to strengthen the immune system and activation the body’s defenses.

Put an orange picture on your wall in the living room and feel the effect of the color orange. Enjoy the impact of a wonderful orange painting and experience the magic of the power dispenser.

Orange – The Color of Freedom and Happiness

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